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BDSM Adventures

Sandra Romain punishes Tawni Ryden with the electric cattleprod. Tawni Ryden comes back for her second Wiredpussy shoot, but continues to have trouble following directions. Princess Donna and Sandra Romain team up to misery Tawni and teach her that her cunt is no longer her property. It takes almost 4 hours to train her, but by the end she has been cattleproded into 247 slave and learns never to cum without permission again. Harmony and Sarah Jane get subdued together and vibrated to orgasm

In this installment of the Collection series Princess Donna introduces her two captives, Harmony and Sarah Jane, and pits them against eachother in her fetisch games. A classic two girl restraints update with plenty of chained sex, compelled orgasms, and electricity! Delightsome novice is shocked, strap-on fucked, and obligated to lick slash

Devi Lynne is a local lifestyle player who is looking to bring her talents into the world of Bdsm porn. Once she is confined Harmony introduces her to a variety of electrical torments, strap-on fucks her, and forces her to cum. A unparalleled performance by a very delightsome new!

Youngish black-haired gets enslaved up, zapped, and compelled to cum. Alexa Von Tess is back at Wiredpussy, and tougher than ever before! Princess Donna expertly uses this beginner fuck toy and makes her work for each and every orgasm she is granted. First she struggles to undress while a rope around her throat restricts her breathing. Once she is stripd she is shocked, welted, slapped, trampled, and suspended into multiple amazing orgasms. Alexa Von Tess is a painslut, whether she thinks so or not. Enjoy!

Lesbian Dominance and Nose bondage
Lesbian Dominance and Nose binding ties with Slaveslut Natasha and Dominiatrix Lene. Female dominant Lene in an Abusive Bedroom Bdsm Scene. The Malevolent Female dominant Punishes and Humiliates her Slavegirl. Slavegirl Natasha is Spanked and Metal Clamped. Full Length hardcore Misery & Dehumanized videos.