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Love Story by Mood Pictures

Mood-Pictures has quickly become one of the leaders in the passionless correctional discipline and whacking video scene. They´ve challenged the position of RGEFilms with a seriesof magnificent and truly hellish productions. Love Story is yet another thrilling experience from Mood Photosthat features Andrea, who´s waiting for herboyfriend Peter to come home. Much to her surprise a girl named Lydia arrives instead, and it turns out they´re sharing Peter as a boyfriend.

Who´s gonna have the guy? The matter is resolved by Peter´s sister, who delivers them a loving beating each, and the one capable of enduring the hardest treatment gets Peter. Of course it all winds up in a fairly explicit beating with each girl receiving no less than 50 strokes to their bare bottom.

The sister actually seems to be doing her best to deliver the strokes full obligate, and after a while the cries and moans reveals that theirs truly a seriousamount of shock involved. The two females on the recieving end finish their 50 strokes each, and afterwards they take away turns beating eachother. These strokes arenot nearly as hardhanded, and specially one of the sluts are giving delectable weak strokes.

The chicks in this movie are truly goodlooking and their attractiveness makes the excitement of the canings even higher. And the canings are of substantial severity. It´s not as hellish as for instance the Rig-East classic Fuming Party, but if you´re into extreme beating this still has some nice filmto offer. The movie could have benefitted from slightly more and better lit facial expression photographsbut there´s still a good amount of chances of seeing the females whilst receiving their punishment.

The technical side is savage to question. It´s all very well composed and easy to follow. Personally I´d prefer a shrimp more light and more closeups on faces, but its a matter of taste more than quality. The story is what it is, nothing extraordinarily creative but a necessary setup for what it´s all about – a intense whacking of 2 highly attractive females.

STANFORD prison experiment

In STANFORD prison experiment we are taken on a twisted trip down memory lane to 1971, where the university of Stanford conducted an experiment on human behaviour to see, if our cruelty is indeed a characteristic of the human race. In this Mood Photographsproduction the experiment is depicted in all it´s cruelty – from a punishment point of view. The setting is simple.

The womans are divided into a group of guards and a group of prisoners, and separated from the world in their prison. At the early stages of the experiment the guards are a bit hesistant to initiate actual corporal punishments on the prisoners, but as it evolves and the prisoners thinks its quite funny and jokes around with the whole scenario, buns the scenes the guards are convincing themselves they have to take away disciplinary action to keep the prison under control.

Mood Pics- The STANFORD Prison Experiment Mood Images- The STANFORD Prison Experiment Mood Snaps- The STANFORD Prison Experiment

There´s 6 prisoners and 4 guards. Every single girl looks stunning, erotic or otherwise highly attractive, and in that sense it´s beyond me how Mood Imagesmanages to get such quality skirts to participate in this type of action. What this movie features is 2 beltings of loud mouthed prisoners, and 2 extravagantly hellish canings, all administered with ever increasing pleasure and sadism by the female guards. The severity starts out moderately on the strappings, but as the guards grow increasingly sadistic in their discipline, the severity and intensity of the punishments grows significantly, and concludes itself with an abusive whacking featuring no less than 103 heartless strokes. As a supplement and a completely tyro feature one of the prisoners is subjected to twat electro misery by the guards, not the most explicit of scenes, but quite a dramatic break in between the corporal punishments. It´s amazing to follow how the guards gets a seemingly very real stir from torturing the prisoners. They even cheer at first and of course their sadism grows from there culminating with the final 103 stroke extreme whacking, which was actually set to a 100. But the guard simply felt like adding more strokes, and only stopped because the professor in charge intervened and stopped the experiment.

Mood Pixs- The STANFORD Prison Experiment Mood Pics- The STANFORD Prison Experiment Mood Pixs- The STANFORD Prison Experiment

Overall the severity of The STANFORD prison experiment is very high. The punishments leaves the prisoners moaning, sobing and with red trounced butts, and in the case of the canings with markings on the rear end, that´ll probably have lasted quite some time. In between however there´s explicit psycological games going on, adding to the suspense and intensity, and giving the movie much more than just a long line of extreme strokes.

Technically The STANFORD prison experiment is a quality movie, the filming is smooth and the angles well chosen. Just as in Love Story previously reviewed here, there´s a problem with the facial expression imagesthough, they´re often in fairly poor lighting and taken from somewhat of a far, which is a massive shame definite the prominent looks of the females and the obvious opportunity to get perfect before, under and after closeups of their punishments. Overall though there´s not many negative fingers to be pointed. This is indeed a truly memorable experience with a combination of an interesting plot and brilliant punishment scenes and if one is to judge from this movie, the human nature certainly is highly sadistic.

Mood Pics- The STANFORD Prison Experiment Mood Snaps- The STANFORD Prison Experiment Mood Photographs- The STANFORD Prison Experiment

Mood Pictures – The Caning Competition

Producer: Mood Photos
Fans of Bombastic Brother, Fear Factor and all the other thrilling reality shows outthere, its time to rejoice. Reality shows has come to the correctional discipline world. In all it´s exciting glory The Beating Competition show is a regular reality show in which 3 girls compete for a prize of 5000euro.

The 3 ladys competing for the prize simply has to brave out the most strokes from a rattan spanking implement to win the prize. All strokes are delivered in rounds of 25, and any girl can quit and leave the competition at any time so basically this is an explicit whacking endurance test. The show starts with a short introduction to the rules from the stunningly goodlooking female host, and afterwards a brief interview with the competing girls.

Mood Images- The Whacking Competition Show Mood Pixs- The Beating Competition Show Mood Photographs- The Whacking Competition Show

Unlike other Mood Snapsproductions the womans featured in The Beating Competition show are not potential supermodels but more like models you would expect to confront in the street. The 3 sluts are: Erica is a 23 year old student, who has sort of a goth look. Judy is a 35 year old mother working in telemarketing, and finally Laura is a 20 year old porno actress, who looks magnificently attractive. During the short interviews we learn that only Erica has priorly tried being spanked, whereas the 2 others are debutant to canings and believe they wont like it.

It may sound as though the foreplay goes on forever in The Whacking Competetition show, but actually this reality show is more straight to the point than other Mood Photosproductions, and certainly gets to the action alot faster than most productions from competing companies like RGE Footages/ Lupus Pictures. Right after the interviews the 3 sluts are inevitable the first round of 25 strokes each, while completely bare kneeling over a chair. The whacking is severe and leaves the deep red welts on their hurting red bottoms

Mood Photos- The Beating Competition Show Mood Images- The Caning Competition Show Mood Photos- The Caning Competition Show

Out of the 3 Judy certainly handles it most convincingly, Erica struggles through whereas Laura has a really heartless time and starts to cry almost immediately. Judy looks like a clear favorite after the first round of heartless strokes from the spanking implement, and is also predicted the winner by Mr.G who´s a visiting surfer from Mood Imageswebsite being interviewed in the break before round 2. Round 2 is even more intense than the first one, and the severity of the strokes start to pull in signs of blood on the bottoms and weeping in the eyes. However, as this is a competetion, I will say only this: There´s an exciting round 3 as well and finally a winner. But if you wanna see who makes it and who breaks, well turn on your tv and watch The Caning Competetion show.

The Whacking Competition show is a truly brilliant beginner concept in intense whacking clipsand a prominent example to follow in terms of plot and imaginative settings. The thing is that canings and other sorts of punishments are more or less optimal for a reality show competition like this one, as it hits in the middle of a cascade of fantasies relating to endurance, objectification and pain. Others have used prettier settings and more complicated storylines, but as for a plot that sparkles imagination and fantasy The Whacking Competition Show is a new leader in hardcore Whacking videos.

Mood Pics- The Caning Competition Show Mood Photos- The Caning Competition Show Mood Shots- The Caning Competition Show