Month: September 2011

  • Remote control for your slaves mood ?

    Want a remote control for your slaves mood ? Magick: I wouldn’t want to control someone’s mood 24/7, but how great would it be to go ‘Oh, you’re angry again about something you think happened that didn’t: Now you’re not and we can discuss it properly’ …or ‘Oh, you’re moody because your period’s due, but […]

  • Humiliating Needle BDSM

    Hotwaxed and mortified english slave girl in needle torture and tears. Pain slut Chinas nipples are painfully pierced with playpiercing needles, her entire body covered in burning candle wax and her forehead decorated with derogatory body writing. China dives into the unappeasable degradation and intense BD/SM adventures with screams, crying and pleasure. All Full Length […]