Slavegirl Andrea – Raw Meat

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Andrea’s back in the dungeon again, and for the first time, she must endure Magick’s attentions alone. But it’s obvious she’s tough and willing to push herself through whatever torments he chooses.  Raw Meat BDSM movie in High Definition at Shadow Slaves BDSM Videos


There’s no gentle warmup, and without another slavegirl there to split the pain, Andrea is in tears within minutes as Magick begins with a hard, extended face slapping, before turning his brutal attentions to her cunt. A tough start for the girl, but she is soon rewarded with an orgasm in a strenuous inverted suspension.

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If she thinks Magick has gone soft on her though, she’s very much mistaken. She must hold position while needles pierce her tenderised bottom, and then endure tight breast bondage. This bondage is so tight, it hurts just going on, and soon her tits are swollen and ready for a heavy flogging, before she’s left to consider whether she wants to face Magick solo again at Shadow Slaves – New BDSM Videos.

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Slavegirl Andrea – Raw Meat – Shadow Slaves