Slave Kitten Crying

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Christian Red brings new lady kitten to the dungeon. A metal slave collar is fastened in situ, and while not preamble, she is strapped to a bondage frame.

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Christian takes his time, enjoying her body, with slaps, whips, paddles and onerous punches, effort her red raw and crying among minutes. Taken down and created to kneel, her hands are slapped behind her back, effort her vulnerable as he slaps her tear-stained face.

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Bound naked onto a crucifixion chair, her breasts are overwhelmed with a animal skin paddle, and her cunt suffeers continual slaps. Suction cups tear at her nipples, and clothespins bite her tits, as she sobs in pain. The tears still fall, uncontrollably, as she is taken down and created to kneel, to wait successive chapter in her new life as a ShadowSlave.