Month: July 2020

  • Kitty In The Dungeon

    Kitty In The Dungeon

    Kitty is dragged into the dungeon by means of a masked man, and cable tied to a chair. She is instructed she is aware of what he needs, and can be released while he receives it. Her clothes are cut away and she is doused with icy water. Electrodes are connected to her nipple, and […]

  • The Kinky Roadtrip – P1

    The Kinky Roadtrip – P1

    Dora, my secretary, dropped the FedEx letter on my table nonchalantly. “Taking a trip,” she asked? “Hmmmm?” i replied, my head buried deep in economic projections and my interest riveted in resolving that stubborn round calculation that had eluded me for the past 15 minutes. “This is another one from that ‘Excursion’ location. What is […]

  • New BDSM Film: Scum

    New BDSM Film: Scum

    Magick includes lolani into a filthy cellar, and throws her to the floor. A solid iron collar is locked around her neck, and chained to the bars of a cell. Kneeling in the filth, her beating starts with palms and belt. The soles of her toes are whipped with rope, and a spiteful quirt tears […]

  • Medieval Punishment

    Medieval Punishment

    Inquisition interrogator are desperate to check their new torture device, all of them recollect that it may assist them plenty to get proper confessions from their accused victims. Poor lady that have to test this new device is so scared then she sees metal torture chair included with sharp thorns. She is compelled to sit […]