Month: August 2020

  • The Kinky Roadtrip – P2

    The Kinky Roadtrip – P2

    I made small communicate with the guard, signed out at exactly 5:02, and made my way past the buildings that had been expelling hundreds of professionals like me. Bet none of them are doing what i am this night (whatever the hell it is), i concept as i glanced at a few nameless faces inside […]

  • Virtual S/M Relationships

    Virtual S/M Relationships

    I hope we can differentiate between “cyber” as it is popularly used to refer to “cybersex” and the very real – although virtual – D/s relationships that people have online. It’s certainly true that the flesh-to-flesh (or even eye-to-eye) contact that comes with real life can’t be duplicated online, in email or on the phone. […]

  • Inquisition Interrogation

    Inquisition Interrogation

    Cruel inquisition interrogations retain and today you could witness merciless whipping scene of their gloomy prison. Monks take suspect from her dirty dark mobile and drag her to the torture chamber for today‚Äôs medieval punishment. Soldiers wrap her in ropes and suspend within the air so they have smooth get admission to to her naked […]