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  • Maitresse Violette

    Maitresse Violette

    I am Maitresse Violette, I welcome you along with my kinky partner. Together we check out the realm of submission and dominance, fetish and fantasy and internet erotica for our personal enjoyment and yours. Hardcore is loved by us along with deluxe articles which has complete color BDSM Hard films, excellent fetish picture galleries, BDSM […]

  • Kinky Alessandra

    Kinky Alessandra

    Our featured xxx naked amateur is Alessandra. She is from Spain. She simply turned twenty one yrs old and we believed what great way to celebrate next to publish a few beautiful masturbation photographs of herself on the net! In the beginning she was a bit of shy though it did not take her very […]

  • The Kinky Roadtrip – P4

    The Kinky Roadtrip – P4

    i blushed within the darkness, remembering of other excusions and the sensation i’d had of being watched. Not simply observed .. however that creepy sort of moderate paranoid feeling of being stalked. He continued. “If our observations and heritage checks are satisfactory, the Master is invited to meet his first membership duty. The application cash […]

  • The Kinky Roadtrip – P3

    The bus lumbered off even before i had made my manner to the rear of the bus. I settled within the center of the lower back seat, just as i have been instructed, spread my legs wide, and located my fingers behind me. The chain pinched and vibrated against me as the bus moved deeper […]

  • The Kinky Roadtrip – P2

    The Kinky Roadtrip – P2

    I made small communicate with the guard, signed out at exactly 5:02, and made my way past the buildings that had been expelling hundreds of professionals like me. Bet none of them are doing what i am this night (whatever the hell it is), i concept as i glanced at a few nameless faces inside […]

  • Virtual S/M Relationships

    Virtual S/M Relationships

    I hope we can differentiate between “cyber” as it is popularly used to refer to “cybersex” and the very real – although virtual – D/s relationships that people have online. It’s certainly true that the flesh-to-flesh (or even eye-to-eye) contact that comes with real life can’t be duplicated online, in email or on the phone. […]

  • Inquisition Interrogation

    Inquisition Interrogation

    Cruel inquisition interrogations retain and today you could witness merciless whipping scene of their gloomy prison. Monks take suspect from her dirty dark mobile and drag her to the torture chamber for today’s medieval punishment. Soldiers wrap her in ropes and suspend within the air so they have smooth get admission to to her naked […]

  • Kitty In The Dungeon

    Kitty In The Dungeon

    Kitty is dragged into the dungeon by means of a masked man, and cable tied to a chair. She is instructed she is aware of what he needs, and can be released while he receives it. Her clothes are cut away and she is doused with icy water. Electrodes are connected to her nipple, and […]

  • The Kinky Roadtrip – P1

    The Kinky Roadtrip – P1

    Dora, my secretary, dropped the FedEx letter on my table nonchalantly. “Taking a trip,” she asked? “Hmmmm?” i replied, my head buried deep in economic projections and my interest riveted in resolving that stubborn round calculation that had eluded me for the past 15 minutes. “This is another one from that ‘Excursion’ location. What is […]

  • New BDSM Film: Scum

    New BDSM Film: Scum

    Magick includes lolani into a filthy cellar, and throws her to the floor. A solid iron collar is locked around her neck, and chained to the bars of a cell. Kneeling in the filth, her beating starts with palms and belt. The soles of her toes are whipped with rope, and a spiteful quirt tears […]