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  • Medieval Punishment

    Medieval Punishment

    Inquisition interrogator are desperate to check their new torture device, all of them recollect that it may assist them plenty to get proper confessions from their accused victims. Poor lady that have to test this new device is so scared then she sees metal torture chair included with sharp thorns. She is compelled to sit […]

  • Emily Whipping and Bondage

    Emily Whipping and Bondage

    Emily Whipping and Bondage Emily Sharpe whipping and bondage in stockings of latex slave girl pussy whipped and breast spanked by her new kinky master in hardcore BDSM session on their first date. A kinky pickup led to a night of bondage, whipping and orgasms for sexy submissive Emily Sharpe Full Length Movie Available at […]

  • Fetish Guides

    Fetish Guides

    TheFetishGuide.Com is a completely self-indulgent romp via my kinky life. My life’s primary focus (no pun intended) is erotic photography, mainly eroticism as blended with BDSM and fetishes. Plus, as a woman with a camera, I’m invited in to shoot scenes with humans that wouldn’t more often than not feel cushty working with a male […]

  • Whipped On The Mideaval Wooden Stocks

    Whipped On The Mideaval Wooden Stocks

    Everyone knows that fireplace can purify so do remember inquisition monks and these days they want to assist black witch with cleansing her soul from evil deeds. They suspend her best ebony body with her head down and heavy steel ball attached to her fingers and her her pussy and asshole are wide open and […]

  • Domination in VR

    Domination in VR

    Have you heard of virtual reality? We are not talking about some distant science fiction scenario anymore. In fact, you can take your sexual cravings and engage. But. VR Domination? Do you even know what it is? You are probably used to watching your favorite BDSM films in HD. The details are nice. The action […]

  • Slave Kitten Crying

    Slave Kitten Crying

    Christian Red brings new lady kitten to the dungeon. A metal slave collar is fastened in situ, and while not preamble, she is strapped to a bondage frame. Full Length Movie at Shadow Slaves Christian takes his time, enjoying her body, with slaps, whips, paddles and onerous punches, effort her red raw and crying among […]

  • The Black Room

    The Black Room

    The Black Room is the latest in our classic bondage site series. Full of erotic domination, sexy submissives, whips and chains the Black Room was a delightful little fetish site with plenty to offer Looking for some bondage? The black room is perfect for you! We’ve been documenting european amateur bdsm since 1996. We have […]

  • Original and imaginative BDSM illustrated

    Original and imaginative BDSM illustrated

    Original and imaginative BDSM illustrated fiction. Intelligent erotica for the intelligent fetishist. Foot Sex. Foot fetish pics, bare toes and painted toenails. Devon’s Sexy Feet. Adult Supermodel Devon Micheals shows off her ten pretty piggies and does some avesome foot bondage with a silk rope! For a history of BDSM & SPANKING – read more […]

  • BDSM Sessions: Emotional Care

    BDSM Sessions: Emotional Care

    No, pain is not all physical. Sometimes, it’s in your head and your heart as well, and sometimes, those scars are the hardest to heal. Here are some tips to lessen your chances of getting them in the first place. 1)Be honest. With yourself. With prospective partners. Never be ashamed to admit you don’t know […]

  • Caring for Bruises / Impact Play

    Caring for Bruises / Impact Play

    The best way to take care of bruises is before they happen. After the bruise has already formed, there is nothing much one can do. Some people suggest “Arnica” (look at a health-food store) ointment. Personally, I have not found it to be of that much help..YMMV. Different types of implements tend to cause different […]