Breast Whipping Nimue

One of the most intense breast whipping sessions so far. Nimue is restrained to the bondage rack, arms spread out, naked and exposed. A short and harsh leather whip is used to paint deep red stripes over her big tits. The masters starts out whipping her back and bottom as a warmup and warning of what is to come for the submissive slaveslut. The agony is intense from the backside whipping but it is nothing compared to what master has prepared for Nimues big abused tits.

Nimues Breast Whipping

The whip cracks. She screams. Tears start to show. She pulls on her chains. She tries to move out of harms way. Nothing works. The whip cracks again hitting the nipple spot on and the slave girl explodes in terror and pain. The amateur bdsm session seems endless to Nimue. Relentlessly the master keeps the whip working over Nimues breasts with absolutely agony, tears and sobbing as the product of the leather slicing up the boobies of the tied up slave girl