Emily X Tied and Spanking

Emily Sharpe whipping and bondage in stockings of latex slave girl pussy whipped and breast spanked by her new kinky master in hardcore BDSM session on their first date. A kinky pickup caused a night of bondage, whipping and orgasms for horny submissive Emily Sharpe

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A cruel lesson in deep throat. The slave is told she is to submit to a skull fuck and to kneel and open wide. Master wastes very little time and proceeds to drive his stiff cock into her throat. The slave tries to accept him down her throat but begins gagging. The slave is told that her mouth is one of her fuck holes and she will lean to eagerly accept cock. When she still is unable to perform as her Master requires he tells the slut that all she will be eating until she can do this is his cum.

Again Master drives deep and hold it buried as she gags and tries to pull away, tired of her lack of performance he whips her ass and bends her over for a brutal doggy style fuck depositing her meal deep into her cunt. He takes her out to the outbuilding suspends her wrists pulling her to her tiptoes and begins whipping her backside as he explains his expectations to his slave slut. She is then tethered to a chain and left for the night. Chained, nude and sore form the session she sleeps very little. In the morning Master returns early to work with her some more, after several tries and dry heaves he is able to bury his cock all the way as he shoots his load down her throat. Then sent inside to clean up with the promise of more dick train

slave Emily X is prepared and bound waiting for her Master to come to play with her. When Sir arrives he goes directly to work on her, within minutes Emily X knows this is going to be a rough session. She is stretched high and wide and has nowhere to hide. Master impales her with the largest dildo he can find and holds it in place with a stick forcing it deep inside. Stretched as she is and stuffed full of the dildo she can hardly move.

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In this position, she is whipped to tears her screams muffled by the ball gag. Just when she thinks the whipping is over Sir has another trick up his sleeve. A dress pant hanger with two clamps on it is attached to her nipples and attached to a rope strung through an eye bolt in the rafter and weighted. With the weight and the bite of the clamps on her nipples, she leans forward to try to relieve the pull on her breasts.

This puts her in the perfect position for her Master to begin another round of whipping focused on her stretched out breasts. As the whip finds its target over and over Emily X is becoming hysterical and begging for him to stop. When he does stop she is released and told she is his puppy for the rest of the night, fearing the whip she is totally obedient and follows every command to the tee quickly and with her best efforts. She is completely under his control. He tells her to clean the tip of his boot “real good” so she licks and sucks on the tip as if it were his cock.

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When Sir is satisfied that it is clean she is instructed to fuck the tip she eagerly mounts the tip of his pointed boot and rides it to the brink of orgasm. Not allowed to cum she is told to get off the boot and clean it up. She is now a boot fuck horny whipped slut and all his to use as he wishes. The slut puppy is finally given the bone she really craves and sucks her master off as she has never before. Exhausted, sore, and covered in her Master’s cum she obediently sits waiting for his next order.

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