Mood Pictures – The Caning Competition

Producer: Mood Photos
Fans of Bombastic Brother, Fear Factor and all the other thrilling reality shows outthere, its time to rejoice. Reality shows has come to the correctional discipline world. In all it´s exciting glory The Beating Competition show is a regular reality show in which 3 girls compete for a prize of 5000euro.

The 3 ladys competing for the prize simply has to brave out the most strokes from a rattan spanking implement to win the prize. All strokes are delivered in rounds of 25, and any girl can quit and leave the competition at any time so basically this is an explicit whacking endurance test. The show starts with a short introduction to the rules from the stunningly goodlooking female host, and afterwards a brief interview with the competing girls.

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Unlike other Mood Snapsproductions the womans featured in The Beating Competition show are not potential supermodels but more like models you would expect to confront in the street. The 3 sluts are: Erica is a 23 year old student, who has sort of a goth look. Judy is a 35 year old mother working in telemarketing, and finally Laura is a 20 year old porno actress, who looks magnificently attractive. During the short interviews we learn that only Erica has priorly tried being spanked, whereas the 2 others are debutant to canings and believe they wont like it.

It may sound as though the foreplay goes on forever in The Whacking Competetition show, but actually this reality show is more straight to the point than other Mood Photosproductions, and certainly gets to the action alot faster than most productions from competing companies like RGE Footages/ Lupus Pictures. Right after the interviews the 3 sluts are inevitable the first round of 25 strokes each, while completely bare kneeling over a chair. The whacking is severe and leaves the deep red welts on their hurting red bottoms

Mood Photos- The Beating Competition Show Mood Images- The Caning Competition Show Mood Photos- The Caning Competition Show

Out of the 3 Judy certainly handles it most convincingly, Erica struggles through whereas Laura has a really heartless time and starts to cry almost immediately. Judy looks like a clear favorite after the first round of heartless strokes from the spanking implement, and is also predicted the winner by Mr.G who´s a visiting surfer from Mood Imageswebsite being interviewed in the break before round 2. Round 2 is even more intense than the first one, and the severity of the strokes start to pull in signs of blood on the bottoms and weeping in the eyes. However, as this is a competetion, I will say only this: There´s an exciting round 3 as well and finally a winner. But if you wanna see who makes it and who breaks, well turn on your tv and watch The Caning Competetion show.

The Whacking Competition show is a truly brilliant beginner concept in intense whacking clipsand a prominent example to follow in terms of plot and imaginative settings. The thing is that canings and other sorts of punishments are more or less optimal for a reality show competition like this one, as it hits in the middle of a cascade of fantasies relating to endurance, objectification and pain. Others have used prettier settings and more complicated storylines, but as for a plot that sparkles imagination and fantasy The Whacking Competition Show is a new leader in hardcore Whacking videos.

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