Pioneers by Pain4fem

Let it be said immediately. The Pioneers is anything but a regular run-of-the-mill thrashing video. When putting this one in your DVD player you´re about to experience one of those rare but delightfull experiences of severity combined with style and technical perfection.

The scenery takes place back in 1986, where the Pioneers were a group of womens, were brought up to be good and faithfull communists. In this film the stars are the 2 pioneers Martina and Anete. Both are extremely attractive girls, a brunette (Martina) and a blonde (Aneta), and indeed they are the kind of chicks that would form most bloketurn and look in the street. Anyway, Aneta and Martina are roommates in the Pioneers camp, and the events start taking place with these two ladys playing various card and board games with a girl called Beata.

From then on the story evolves quickly. Martina turns out to be the winner of the game, which inspires Anete to start smoking a cigarette, she convinces Martina to join her. Unfortunately smoking is strictly verboten in the pioneers camp, and the leading babe Nowakova smells the smoke and confronts the girls. She calls a fellow communist called Stanek, and the chicks are gathered for punishment.

The first one over Staneks lab is the third girl Beate, but she manages to talk her way out of it, as she didnt actually participate in the smoking. Instead Aneta is pulled up for a good and untouched hand flagellation over the knee. Nothing too explicit but very effectfull. After she´s done Martina takes her place over the lab, and on Nowakovas order her punishment is doubled, as it was indeed her, that was kidnapped with the cigarettes on her. This is a key to the rest of plot, and a nice mini twist, because Martina gets extremely mental about her double punishment, as it was actually Anetas idea and her pack of cigarettes.

In the following sequences we´re seeing Martina daydream in her anger. First about another girl being sure a extreme strapping of around 50 strokes, and then visualising that the girl was actually Aneta. Daydreaming may not sound very hardcore, but actually these sequences feature fairly intense tanning and strapping, and with 50 strokes for each girl there´s plenty of time to cause red bottoms and moans.

Martina makes a plan to get revenge on Aneta. She steals travel money, and while noone notices, she hides them in Anetas bed. Of course, the theft is discovered and its time to find the offender. The chicks are gathered while their rooms are searched, and obviouisly Aneta is exposed as the thief.

Aneta is strict naked, and on Nowakovas order Stanek administers a thoroughly extreme punishment. First of she´s sure round 20 strokes with a birch, and subsequently she´s administered no less than 50 unaffected strokes of the cane. The punishment brings out rambunctious moans and tears, and her back is left red and deeply marked by the bites of the cane. The scene is highly intense, and gives a great variation of focus on the buttocks, the stick, and her facial expressions of pain.

After Anetas punishment however, Stanek informs Nowakova that he´d seen Martina the night before (I suppose Aneta would´ve wished he´d said that a bit earlier, but the viewer certainly wouldnt). They put 2 and 2 together and confront Martina in the dining hall. She pleads her innocence for a long time, but finally admits to her evil plot against Aneta. Numberwise she´s receives a punishment equal to that of Aneta – 20 lashes of the birch, and 50 of the cane, but the action seems even more extreme and humilating, specially because the other chicks are witnessing the punishment, as it takes places in the dining hall while Martina is bound to a punishment bench.

Technically this is perhabs the closest thing i´ve seen to perfection in a correctional discipline movie, the lighting and camera angles seem nicely balanced, there´s constant variations and of course to top it all, the technical quality is accompanied by a good plot, 2 extremely goodlooking womens and last but certainly not least some explicit and extreme lashing and caning. Basically, I couldnt have asked for much more in a beating movie, and The Pioneers thus goes highly recommended.