The Exchange Student by Rigid East

Lupus Picsalso known as the former Rigid East) is well known to provoke intense whacking recordingsof high quality. The Exchange Student is no exception, however, it does represent one newcomer phenomenon in the Lupus line of recordings- it stars an american model on the receiving end.

The american model plays the role of the exchange student. The story starts out with “The Exchange Student” being questioned for misbehaving. Throughout she looks very stressed as to what is going to happen, and with good reason. She´s placed on a table by the headmaster, and recieves 25 unemotional strokes from the cane. It leaves her adureging and crying.

After she´s finished, she´s told to dress up, and one would expect that was the end of her punishment. Think again. A female teacher comes in, and orders her back on the table for another 12 rough strokes. She´s blatting quite uncrollably by now.

As it turns out though, the exchange student wasnt tush all of the trouble, she´s accused of, and in the end she gives up 2 local girls. They enter the punishment chamber and gets a questioning. There´s a very delightsome blonde and a brunette. Now it´s their turn to pay for setting up the exchange student, and first the blonde is ordered to place herself on the table.

The female teacher delivers a truly hellish caning. Unlike the exchange student the blonde seems to cope nicely at first, but in the end she too winds up with sulking running down her savoury face.

After the punishment stops, the blonde is ordered to the corner facing the wall, and the browned is to take her place. At first she has her knees placed on the cane, and is left sitting there uncomfortably for a while, after which she too is placed on the board for a uncompromising caning. Once again the female teacher delivers sufficiently remorseless strokes to cause weeping and struggling, and a very well striped bottom.

Overall this is a truly good piece of punishment video, if you´re into the harder end of that genre. There´s bits of disconcerted and fear, and most of all alot of real remorseless whacking of 3 different girls. The viewer gets to see the tooshie as it turns into a red and blue garbage of spanking implement blisters, and on top Lupus has warentd a real good choice of facial expression pixsthroughout, which is really adding to the excitement of the movie.

Technically there´s not alot of complaints. The photosare sharp and well-cut, it´s way beyond the traditional stationary camera catching all tanning action from behind. All the right angles are delivered, faces come up sharply even in very closeup movements etc. In this fashion, its ruthless to find any producers capable of competing with Lupus. A time or two a thin part of the recording equipment, the sound recording I guess, is visible for a second, but its far from enough to destroy the picture of a technically high quality production.

If you´re into hardcore beating without too many romantic moments, this is a real good choice. It might not reach the heights in severity that for instance the old Pissed off Party movie did, but it certainly does deliver untouched caning of very pleasent models. So, if thats your thing, here´s a real good item for your collection.