The Thieves by Pain4fem

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Pain4fem has released a series of merciless and searing beating videos that has put them in a league with RGE Motion picturesand Mood Pictures. They´ve all been characteristical with a high level of severity and suprisingly goodlooking models. In this case we´ll have a closer look at the Pain4fem release “The Thieves”. As in other Pain4fem caning flicksthe womans featured here are not anywhere near your average looking nextdoor girl. The chicks, a dark-haired and a blonde, are both excellent species of the female race, and good videois inevitable to these beauties in pain.

The events withdraw place on a farm where to new and attractive ladiess try to steal some food, of course theyre kidnapped and as a well deserved punishment theyre tied in the farm barn with arms over facefuck and unquestionable a fairly extreme corporal punishment by the farmer and his wife. It´s a sort of oldstyle classical spanking scene in which all of the hind end of the poor womans are painted African-American by the whip. As for severity it isnt intense but certainly produces alot of torment for the ladys, moaning and screaming under the lashes.

Pain4Fem – The Thieves Pain4Fem – The Thieves Pain4Fem – The Thieves

After the correctional discipline the ladiess are released and the theft paid off. Highly angry by their punishment however, the ladys start throwing stones and stuff at the farmer and his wife. Obviously, the farmer doesnt withdraw it too litely, and catches the ladiess for a second punishment. This time they are to brave their sufferings outside bound down to a punishment bench. Pain4fem seemingly has had an eye on some of the Russianslaves / Nettles Production onerous caning videosfor this one, the punishment setting is very similar and the plot sounds hot much like for instance that of Russianslaves 30. Coincidence or not, Pain4fem actually does a better job portraying these explicit thrashing sceneries, and the trip to the punishment bench becomes a thoroughly hardcore experience for the chicks, who´s receiving a very high number of fullforce strokes directly on their increasingly bruised bottoms.

The harsh beating on the bench produces insubordinate screams and very real blatting on the faces of the 2 struggling girls. Pain4fem doesnt leave anything to imagination in that sense, we´re able to follow closely during all of the punishments, with very nice behind and facial expression shots.

Pain4Fem – The Thieves Pain4Fem – The Thieves Pain4Fem – The Thieves

For fans of wanted spankings The Thieves is presumably way too unmoved, but if you have a thing for hardcore punishments, this is a truly excellent release, that provides you with both pleasing womans and remorseless caning. It´s technically very well done without any real flaws, and the only real downside is, that the plot is perhabs too much of a worn out cliche. Plot or not, nothing can modify that The Thieves is yet another brilliant release from Pain4fem, which comes highly recommended for whacking and punishment fans.

Pain4Fem – The Thieves Pain4Fem – The Thieves Pain4Fem – The Thieves