Love Story by Mood Pictures

Mood-Pictures has quickly become one of the leaders in the passionless correctional discipline and whacking video scene. They´ve challenged the position of RGEFilms with a seriesof magnificent and truly hellish productions. Love Story is yet another thrilling experience from Mood Photosthat features Andrea, who´s waiting for herboyfriend Peter to come home. Much to her surprise a girl named Lydia arrives instead, and it turns out they´re sharing Peter as a boyfriend.

Who´s gonna have the guy? The matter is resolved by Peter´s sister, who delivers them a loving beating each, and the one capable of enduring the hardest treatment gets Peter. Of course it all winds up in a fairly explicit beating with each girl receiving no less than 50 strokes to their bare bottom.

The sister actually seems to be doing her best to deliver the strokes full obligate, and after a while the cries and moans reveals that theirs truly a seriousamount of shock involved. The two females on the recieving end finish their 50 strokes each, and afterwards they take away turns beating eachother. These strokes arenot nearly as hardhanded, and specially one of the sluts are giving delectable weak strokes.

The chicks in this movie are truly goodlooking and their attractiveness makes the excitement of the canings even higher. And the canings are of substantial severity. It´s not as hellish as for instance the Rig-East classic Fuming Party, but if you´re into extreme beating this still has some nice filmto offer. The movie could have benefitted from slightly more and better lit facial expression photographsbut there´s still a good amount of chances of seeing the females whilst receiving their punishment.

The technical side is savage to question. It´s all very well composed and easy to follow. Personally I´d prefer a shrimp more light and more closeups on faces, but its a matter of taste more than quality. The story is what it is, nothing extraordinarily creative but a necessary setup for what it´s all about – a intense whacking of 2 highly attractive females.