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  • Love Story by Mood Pictures

    Mood-Pictures has quickly become one of the leaders in the passionless correctional discipline and whacking video scene. They´ve challenged the position of RGEFilms with a seriesof magnificent and truly hellish productions. Love Story is yet another thrilling experience from Mood Photosthat features Andrea, who´s waiting for herboyfriend Peter to come home. Much to her surprise […]

  • STANFORD prison experiment

    In STANFORD prison experiment we are taken on a twisted trip down memory lane to 1971, where the university of Stanford conducted an experiment on human behaviour to see, if our cruelty is indeed a characteristic of the human race. In this Mood Photographsproduction the experiment is depicted in all it´s cruelty – from a […]

  • Mood Pictures – The Caning Competition

    Producer: Mood Photos Fans of Bombastic Brother, Fear Factor and all the other thrilling reality shows outthere, its time to rejoice. Reality shows has come to the correctional discipline world. In all it´s exciting glory The Beating Competition show is a regular reality show in which 3 girls compete for a prize of 5000euro. The […]