Category: Spanking and Caning

  • The Thieves by Pain4fem

    Pain4fem has released a series of merciless and searing beating videos that has put them in a league with RGE Motion picturesand Mood Pictures. They´ve all been characteristical with a high level of severity and suprisingly goodlooking models. In this case we´ll have a closer look at the Pain4fem release “The Thieves”. As in other […]

  • Pioneers by Pain4fem

    Let it be said immediately. The Pioneers is anything but a regular run-of-the-mill thrashing video. When putting this one in your DVD player you´re about to experience one of those rare but delightfull experiences of severity combined with style and technical perfection. The scenery takes place back in 1986, where the Pioneers were a group […]

  • The Exchange Student by Rigid East

    Lupus Picsalso known as the former Rigid East) is well known to provoke intense whacking recordingsof high quality. The Exchange Student is no exception, however, it does represent one newcomer phenomenon in the Lupus line of recordings- it stars an american model on the receiving end. The american model plays the role of the exchange […]

  • Russian Slaves 30

    Russian Slaves has made themselves a niche of very heartless excruciating punishment videos. In Russian Slaves 30 there´s actually 2 videosin 1. The first one is about 2 russian girls, who´s trying to steal potatoes out of poverty. Of course they´re captured and as punishment theyre haled to receive a very extreme beating on their […]

  • Mood Pictures – The Caning Competition

    Producer: Mood Photos Fans of Bombastic Brother, Fear Factor and all the other thrilling reality shows outthere, its time to rejoice. Reality shows has come to the correctional discipline world. In all it´s exciting glory The Beating Competition show is a regular reality show in which 3 girls compete for a prize of 5000euro. The […]